Where to Get the Best Sports Betting Advice and Services

Where to Get the Best Sports Betting Advice and Services

Have you ever seen the Yankees play the Red Sox? Just about everyone has. Have you ever bet on them? Maybe you have tried, I know I have! I’m sure you would have lost a lot of money!

What! Is- Wait a minute! I know that some of the best sports analysts out there can be helpful to you even when betting on MLB. That’s right, you can use their advice to increase your chances of winning that bet you made. How do they do it?

They have experts that developed their own systems which helps them to predict what the next outcome of the next game might be. Some of these betting systems are so accurate, that they have won 85% of their bets over the course of a season!

Now, you have to ask yourself, how do I get these people’s attention? Other than the betting systems that give you an edge, there are just the coaches! You have to pay close attention to who is on the field and who the particular trainer is.

One of the ways to get an edge is to pay close attention to non-player related areas. In fact, non-player related areas include some of the more important ones like team Websites,cci, luxury suites, promotional items, and the Cocktail Party Checklist! I hope the teams I recommend in this article do not end up on the losing end!

Teams that underperform can throw you a curve ball. Like the Yankees, the Sox underachieved last season. When they were expected to battle for the AL East, instead they laid an egg and now they will have to depend on young players to regain their form. In other words, cost-benefit analysis should be a part of your decision making process when deciding whom to place your bets on.

When the bet is placed, be sure to include a little something for the team as a bonus. This can be anything from, “I heard that the star player will be out with a sprained ankle”, or “The starting pitcher will be pitching tomorrow”. These are simply ways to stir up excitement and commitment from the opposing party and no one is hurt.

When betting the over/under, or total score of a match. There are many ways to bet this and they are easy to do. Let’s say the A’s are playing the equal Northeast Division team, the Orioles. The totals are O’s -5.5 Braves +5.5. So you bet the over, and if the O’s are ahead at the end of the game, you bet the over again.

However, if you have a favorite team, you can also bet on the Pokerace99. So if the Orioles are many games behind the A’s in the standings 60% of the time, you can wager on the underdog O’s to get a specific percentage of wins.

You must be wary of betting the underdog in the end cause most people have a bad memory in betting. You have to remember that most people who bet the over lost in the past so if you see a statistic that a team has won 50% of their games or less. The sports betting world is filled with losers and they will tell you that their team has won 70% of their games or more. You can usually discard a high percentage of close matches.

The other method is to bet at the beginning of the season and base your picks partly on the star players of each team, rather than their records.

If I had a dollar for every time someone bet the over/under on the season opener, I would have had 90 dollars just from that bet alone. Betting the over has a higher payout but the risk is also considerably higher, hence why I prefer the guaranteed number one. In fact, I have found that betting under is my most consistent winning play.

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