Poker Tournaments and Going the Distance

Whether a poker tournament or sit and go, if played properly the both the player and the poker site can be more than 60% of the winning time. Based on studies done of thousands of sit and go players from all over the world. It has been found that by the time they reach the bubble, a player will average around 20 buy ins. The average amount of players who enter a sit and go is 11. Players will go broke 9 times out of 10 before they bust.

A sit and go is played with 6, 9 or 10 players. The number of tables chosen is not important. The more you play the more you will understand and be ready for when you hit the big seat.

Poker Tournaments and Going the Distance

Chips are played in the order in which they are gathered, the ante goes last. A chip counting system is most advanced and why you do not use it.

2 counts are all you need at the poker table.

A chip sweepstakes is when the stack to the player’s left goes to the next player after taking the blinds. So the players are forced to leave one chip behind.

The Moroc requires that the blinds be paid before the sit and go is advanced. There are no complexities or secrets with regard to this. a simple understanding of the math will suffice.

The ideal sit and go would be 6 or 9 players. The rule of thumb here is to start out with half or one chip behind. As the start to finisher the blinds, the inexperienced player left the Casino, which is the winning party.

With regard to this, a player rarely breaks the bank. But, there are players who excel and never seem to make a dent in the Bankroll. Almost all poker tournament players who play online are going to break the bank and be the source of great income.

The reason for this is they have managed to survive thus far, by luck and not by the skills they practice.

Bankroll management and playing in a tournament with 8 or 9 players is entirely different issues. This is why there are great players who have multiple tables. As they say, light is the key to success.

With a Bankroll of $10,000 you would not want to transfer to a table of 7’s or less unless absolutely necessary. But, if you had a $30,000 bankroll, you would not play in a $1 sit and go. Probably most of us would not want to risk $30,000 for a $10,000 win.

With a bankroll of $10,000 you should always have Hell yes, a bankroll of approximately $150 to $200 for each table you sit at. That way you will have enough money to ride out any learning curve that you will experience at the table.

You always want to have enough money in your bankroll to be able to ride out a winning streak of 10 or 11 in a sit and go. Say you are playing a $1 sit and go. You ask the pit boss to increase the limits. With a $10,000 bankroll you would need a bankroll of $15,000 to $20,000. You can see that playing in a $1 sit and go is a lot different than playing in a $15 or $20 tournament. It is always important to have enough money in your bankroll to ride out the down cycles.

By having a big enough bankroll you can not only survive, you will have more chips to use as a weapon against the house. As you learn how to play properly you will be able to identify situations when it is best to get away from the hand. Never chase hands that you know you can beat. Always sit back and wait for a better hand to play.

By always keeping your stack size respectable you will win respect and face more difficult decisions. You already have a big stack so you don’t have to have a big bankroll. Face the decision of either building or burning your bankroll.

If you are a poker player and you always seem to be getting bad cards, well that is just the way you are playing. You could always be playing a different game than the one you are playing now. Change the game you are playing and you will see more results.

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