Poker – How to Use Pot Odds to Win Bigger Pots

How to play pot odds is a must skill to master if you want to win at poker. Not all pot odds situations are the same; you will need to learn to identify the type of pot odds situation, based on the number of players, the board cards, the players hand, and the betting action. You’ll need to learn the skill of determining if the odds are in your favor when there is a call to see the flop in a contest. Pot odds can help you decide if you should call to see the flop in a contest. Here is a simple explanation of how to use pot odds.

In holdem, when the flop comes, the first person to bet, normally calls, and this is called the pre-flop. If no one has bet, then you are drawing dead. Tells you that someone has a good hand. In holdem, when the flop comes, you will have some idea, based on how the flop has come out, whether it is a safe bet to call, or a big bet. Let’s say you have flopped 3,7o and you think the pot will cover it, then it probably is a safe bet to call.

However, if the flop has helped your opponent, you may want to fold. This is just human nature, but the chances are that if you have flopped a big hand, you will be pushed out, as someone fairly recently raised your big blind. So the odds are, unless you have a monster, you are probably going to want to fold.

Of course, you are not obligated to fold, and here is why; the next card or cards can still hurt you, or may even be good, so you are looking for a safe bet, so to speak. If you are not pot committed, you may want to call somebody else’s bet, even though you really don’t have anything, just to make sure you don’t commit any chips anywhere.

When somebody bets a lot, they win the most amount of information possible. Therefore, if your opponent bets like he has a really nice hand, chances are, unless he is badly bluffing, he has some good hand. On the other hand, if he has a house full of 10-4 through 10-5, he has some really good hands.

If you really do not want to call, just fold. It is okay to call, sure, it is sometimes a good idea to call, but you are not really giving yourself a very good chance of winning anything, if you call. If you don’t have a very good hand, just fold and come back the next day, sure, it’s fine to play a hand, but you are doing yourself out of a round of betting with a very weak hand, very low.

What beats me, and people like me, when we lose to an opponent that is fish-proof, is we don’t really lose. We don’t really lose the money. The truth is, when you lose to a really good hand, you lose a lot of your pride. You can’t afford to show your emotions to your opponents. If you keep your face completely blank not even a picture of your creased fingers can be shown. If I really have a good hand, I keep my face downturn so nobody sees that I don’t have a hand at all.

In addition, the next time your opponent beats you, take your revenge. Have your back. If your opponent had the Ten-5, and he beats you, just let it go. Just get back to the tournament and start again.

For my opponents, I am very predictable. I don’t give two hoots about what they have, I am just trying to have the best hand I can that can still beat his hand. If I have a made hand, I am willing to go all-in with it.

Remember, do not show your emotions. If you are frustrated, go fish. Your only option if you are losing is to change your strategy.

Until next time, poker is a game called life. I guess I have much to learn.

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