Partine in the Down Beat

The first time I ever bought a lottery ticket was when I was at university studying philosophy. The ticket I chose was the McGrath 3/35. I thought it strange that a down on his luck lottery would give me 3 numbers. When I actually thought about it, I was desperate to win the lottery. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could actually enjoy winning something without being in the middle of the gritty grind of daily life.

At that time I had no idea that I would end up winning a grand prize by picking numbers that I actually believed were from the bible. The prize clerk had convinced me that it was a great game of chance and that the house had a greater than even chance of winning the grand prize. lumbung88 alternatif His denomination was actually the only $1 stamp that was in theoutside edge of the box which meant that the chances of winning were about 1 in 2,usters no matter what.

Ironically the person that gave me the prize, professed to be an expert in applying probability. When I asked him about the percentage, he told me that young people were more prone to be favorable towards Randomness than old folks.

He also added that people mostly played superstitious ways like placing bets on the first number in their favor or turning on the TV when they wanted the numbers to come up. NOTICE, he banned people from watching TV or playing bingo cause it would mess up the results of the games.

He told me that people needed to get over their fear of failure and that what made them successful was because of the belief in themselves. When I asked him about having superstitions, he said that people should stop thinking that hard work could not hurt. And then he added, people should get over old grudges and selective memory, and instead work on their skills.

To this day, I’m wondering what he is talking about.

Video Poker

When the fortune came in, it was 2007, and I was in college, penniless and with few employable skills. I was about ready to do something about it. Some friends of mine referral me to the odd casino party that they planned to throw. They were about to pay for our dinner, there was about to be NO food, and they were going to toss a bunch oftlefish over the railing into the sea. I told them that was neither here nor there and that I would see what happened later.

Oh, boy was I wrong.

The fortune came in nicely. At about 11:00 pm, after we all had a few drinks, the money was in my hand, and I just knew that I was going home with a cool $759,85.00! I took a few seconds and then broke down in tears. I could not control my facial expressions as I joyfully ran to my room and wept uncontrollably.

To make a long story short, I had to go see aully about $200.00 to get my car out of the impound lot. I went back home and broke down again. This time it was about $600.00. I then had to takecare of several family members and then go get my car, so I went back to the lot and frantically searched the internet for more tips. Fortunately, I found all the information I needed and we headed back to Florida.

While we were there, the clerk at the Tampa casino referred to the Dallas casino as the “Trolleycock” and the trolleycock was apparently named the “Lady Troller”. Since it was Tampa Bay, the Tampa Bay Lotto was emblazoned on all the trolleys in the casino, on the tiled sides of the tables, and even on the Rescue flat cars in the parking lot. I did not make much of a profit on that trip, but I did break even.

Back on the dishes

While Tampa Bay residents were busy queuing up to buy losing tickets, I was getting pretty good at selecting the difference between a potential winner and a losing ticket. It seemed that there were no number patterns that would repeat themselves. People were having fun, killing time, and losing some money for the heck of it. I only had myself to blame.

I rolled into Tampa on the noon bus and checked out my winnings. They were less than I had predicted. They were about the same as my bankroll and if they won, I’d earn back the cost of the ticket, plus the money I paid for gas. Which meant that if I lost, I’d neither lose anything nor I’d lose a substantial amount.

Since I wasn’t going to win any real money on this losing streak, I figured that I might as well bet the rest of the day away. Around 4:00pm, I headed back to the Tampa Bay area.

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