How to Increase Your Chances for Winning the Lottery in 2010

How to Increase Your Chances for Winning the Lottery in 2010

Who would like to increase their chances of winning the lottery?

Many people like to play the lottery, most especially the Powerball. So they would play one game each week, and guess what…the more the merrier, and most of them win some pretty amazing amounts of money! Sometimes, their payout is off the charts, and they end up buying new cars, new houses, or paying off their house mortgage. Yes, I’m sure some people do win Powerball or Mega Millions once a week, and then lose everything that they bought with their “millionaire” luck, and I’m sure that it could happen to you too.

So how can you increase your chances of winning the lottery? Well, there is basically three ways to do so, and the first and easiest is to purchase more tickets, although there are ways to increase your chances of winning Powerball too.

Increasing Your Chances by Purchasing More Tickets

There are many ways to increase your chances of winning Powerball. By purchasing more tickets, you will increase your odds of winning the jackpot. You should select the ticket that offers the best odds for winning. However, the odds of winning the jackpot are proportional to the number of tickets purchased.

So if you want better odds in winning Powerball, you should buy as many tickets as you can afford. But, don’t be under any misconception, increases in chances of winning Powerball are not higher, and actually they are lower, because the company that is running the Powerball game is a profit-making enterprise, and as such, they need to make profits to stay in business, so the odds that you or I would win Powerball are greater than the actual probabilities of winning Powerball.

However, if you buy more tickets, the odds will be better for you, and you’ll also have enough money to spend on more games.

Playing With Friends

If you are friends with someone, or have a family member or friend that is a lottery fan, it would be easy to convince them to play the game with you. You’ll need to make a list of friends that you want to play with, and invite them to spend time playing the lottery with you. This way, you’ll be competing against them, and winning the game, but not necessarily cheating anyone out of money.

Get tickets with Friends

If you and a friend want to play the lottery, you can ask each other for tickets. Although there is rarely a monetary exchange between competitors in any sporting event, there is a social aspect to this like wanting to have the winning ticket too. If you both get the same number, you both win, there’s no problem at all. Last year, several people played the Powerball game with their friends and family, and each won a prize, which was a cool prize for several people. It’s nice to know that their winning tickets came from a common source, rather than relying on retailers or family members.

Community prizes

Because Powerball is played in many communities, it is common to win free Powerball tickets from the local lottery retailer. In fact, I know a few people in our family that always get a free Powerball ticket when they buy a ticket at our local convenience store.

Last year, two Powerball tickets were won in our family by cousins. Naturally, we celebrated their wins, and it wasn’t hard to do since we have a big house with a lot of rooms, and a lot of ways to gathers all the family and friends together. It’s not hard to get a group of people together, and have a lot of fun playing the Bolagila.

Why not play Powerball yourself?

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