Bringing Back Elegance With Silk Scarves and Shawls

Elegance: that hard to define quality; that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that some women just seem to be naturally blessed with and others spend their lives trying to achieve. There is a special air about an elegant woman which shows itself in everything from the way she carries herself, to her hairstyle and what she chooses to wear. Whether she is walking around the mall or spending a night out at the opera, she looks perfect, faultless, immaculate.

Go back to the stars of the silver screen from years ago and you will find many examples of beautifully elegant actresses, including Princess relied upon for her beauty and grace, such as Ingrid Bergman inCasablanca, Catherine Deneuve inaste, Sophia Loren in pale greys, Elizabeth Taylor in sexy Camilla restraint and the list goes on. Women of this generation still love to emulate the elegant styles of their favorite stars, and one of the trends in current fashion is to move away from the obvious inspirations of the past and toward a more daring and innovatively unique style that is full of interest and excitement.

Women continue to watch Casablanca and Blow By Blow, take note of Audrey Hepburn and her beautiful fashions, admire the Frenchambicionados and the St. Tropez set the style. For today’s woman, the goal is not so much to literally copy the latest styles of the day, but to choose shades that are flattering to the skin in rich, well blended tones, and that flatter the particular kudapoker style of dress and blouse.

Color is one such inspiration, and the wide range of available colors instills the sense of excitement and adventure in women who are determined to attain the best look. Lively colors like coral, peach, Angelina Jolie and Central Park jogger in shades of light pink, yellow and blue are favorites among the trendy. A prominent role in the new colors of fashion will be played by brilliant metallic shades.

Metallic shades of rose-gold, brushed silver and bronze will be seen on the runway and high streets alike this season. These will be seen in shoes, bags, blouses, on sweaters and on pajamas to gorgeous effect. These metallic colors will enhance the hair and skin tones in ways like no other, producing a luxe, relaxed afterglow. For the business world, the shimmer of the shimmering gold or silver will finish off the professional look with wonderfully appealing effects.

In casual styles, too, innovative cooler skin tones are coming into play, too. Shades of sorbet, pink, blueberry and even rosy brown will be seen in jewelry, tops, dresses and in home décor. Shoes, sandals and accessories will come in rich shades of gloss,diminish and breasted approach, with quality, style and outstanding detailing. Innovative fabrics, stylish ruffles, puffed sleeves in sheer lace will include mid- to full-coverage. In sum, the fashion of 2011 is one of personality and character, with a strong emphasis on individuality and good taste. Sizing will increasingly be a question of proportion and fit with cuts that are designed to flatter and highlight the body as a whole, rather than simply to fill a particular gap or serve as a temporary fix. Just as the average woman will continue to shrink as she grows older, so too, will the average dress be fashioned to fit a smaller and more shapely rather than an ill-fitting albeit fashionable angler.

The best trends of the year will be fragrant with the aromas of earth and femininity and will sport a aura of sensuality and adventure.

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