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Early Season Baseball Wagering

Early Season Baseball Wagering

Be smart and wager early on in the baseball season. Early season baseball wagering basketball and baseball have some common features. Both sports appear to be built around the same basic principals. That means more common sense and less racing for the best odds can be found in the early season than in the later season. Unlike football and most other sports, the early season lasts the entire year. In the early season, a team can be either .500 or just 2 games above or below .500. In the early season, it’s important to find the suitable value as many excellent wagering opportunities appear nearly every day.


Like football, baseball games are often called the “Vegas88” because of the Jacksonville Jaguars laying the “money” in an attempt to win the World Series. Just like in football, this means there are large sections of the early season without a sound lead. Once in a while, the starting pitching staff and especially the closer situation can be a real work in progress.

The offensive line is often overlooked too. Remember that the pitcher is who needs to throw the first no-hitter of the season. If he’s 38 years old with a 5.55 ERA, the sports bettor has a bet on the line where he won’t get a majority of the team’s runs, at least. That’s expected. If the starting pitching is suspect, there’s value on the over/under.

Because wagering on baseball is an on-going process, getting early value on the over/under can be especially important. The betting public tends to wait for the teams to get their pitching issues sorted out early in the season. It gives you a feel for the ragtag unit, a chance to get value on your money spot and maybe Fundamental Yaz. The Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays are three teams to bet on in the early stages of the season.

Once these games start getting more attention and the imperative on getting the Fall Classic under way, wagering action should dominate the betting world. The parity that has long been commonplace is slowly becoming an anachronism in the sport. With a 40-game lead on the second to last place teams in the AL East and the top spot in the NL East, those teams better be able to close out baseball and get to the playoffs or the season will be a disastrous one.

Each team in the league has a chance to win the majority of their decisions and by the time April and May roll around, the pegs will have deeperened for many of the teams. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but most books will have a heavyooked line in the early know. Those lines, especially in the early know, are there to draw action on the favorites by the opposition. The prior season count was 40-60 games in the AL and NL; look for more horsing lines between 60 and 70 games in 2007.

Overall, don’t expect the totals line to reach the heights of 2005. That was a very intense season, but with the lifedictions of the early part of the season, both the totals and the spotlight on the contenders will be much lower. The total for the first 70 + games played in the season will be in the neighborhood of seven games. We are not at that point yet, but it is greatly possible. We will have more to chew on in the days to come, but the lines do represent value because of the way they were reached. With the season less than three weeks away, the 2007 baseball betting and handicapping season is well under way. Stay tuned.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery Jackpot

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery Jackpot

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire and the easiest way to do this is to win the lottery jackpot. Winning the lottery jackpot is so close to winning the reality, you could have just as much of the latter on your hands without spending a penny. Obviously money does come from saving, but for most people saving is not an option when getting rich is the name of the game. So, how do you increase your chances of winning the jackpot?

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery Jackpot

Not all experts are in agreement as to how to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, some are of the opinion that you levers your chances by making good use of the lotto numbers that have identical or similar combinations in the past. While others would say that you can effectively count on software, and while individuals who claimed that they do in fact use lotto software were skeptics before the coming of the technology, eventually those that became vested in the prospects became winners. Individuals that used the technology to come up with the system estimate that you can increase your chances of winning by doing simple math.

Proponents of increasing chances of winning the lottery would advice you to pick random numbers and trust your “Togel Singapore” numbers to make you win instead of doing meaningless math. It is believed that by doing this you will not only get the attention of the people around you, but it will also alert people to the fact that your number is overdue to be drawn.

The use of technology aside, you can actually increase your chances of winning the lottery jackpot if you take a look at winning number combinations that other individuals claim to have picked. Some of these individuals include:

The first approach to dealing with the possibility of increasing your chances of winning is to pick lucky number combinations that other people might choose, and not necessarily the winning number itself. This means that if you formulate your own set of numbers, it is possible that you will share the winnings from the lottery with more people.

The second approach is a bit more in-depth and involves working out the possible number combinations on a wheel. When playing the game pick six numbers from 1 to 56, you can make use of the 1 to 45 mark so as to make your combinations. You can also use the 2 to 39 entries, and three lucky star numbers. This may improve your chances of winning significantly.

The way to enhance your chances of winning further is to pick the most possible numbers. This is most possible when playing the pick six numbers. You can bet on single digits, double digits, or the number field. This will improve your likelihood of winning further.

The other approach you can take to the wheel is your probability of winning if you bet on a hot number and the cold ones. Hot numbers are those that appear in winning combinations and cold numbers are those that do not appear. You can either bet on hot numbers or the cold numbers. This will also modify the strategies that you should adopt.

If you want to enhance your possibility of success with the roulette strategy, the best way would be to use the well proven systems that are available in the market. You will only have to choose the system that would suit your budget and the type of game you are going to play. Every system offers a different set of strategies that will suit your needs. However, you should make sure first that the system will suit your playing requirements and your skill sets. With a little bit of luck, you will be on your way to making profits and having fun.